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Britney Spears staggered painfully through the thick underbrush of the jungle, wincing and rubbing her ankle to soothe it. The teen pop star was on a plane trip to the deep forbidding jungles of India to shoot some location footage for her music video, 'I'm a Slave 4 U', when her plane ran into engine trouble. Her manager strapped a parachute on her and ejected her out of the plane moments before it exploded in a fireball. She'd been lucky to have landed in an empty patch of grass, avoiding getting snagged high up in one of the big trees. Wearing only a skimpy snakeskin bikini, Britney wiped the sweat from her brow and trudged into the jungle. She felt frightened and vulnerable, approaching the thick overgrown jungle with dread. The pop star was so out of her element she felt bewildered and confused. She held out hope against hope that someone would come soon to rescue her. It was the only thing that kept her going. After slipping her foot into a hole it was aching her with every step. It wasn't exactly a sprain, but with her exhaustion and the pain pulsing through her foot, she could barely go on another inch. Britney let the emotion of the situation get to her, standing in the shady of an ancient tree with her head buried in her hands. She was so caught up in her own misery that she scarcely noticed a strange hissing noise and a coiling tail end snaking ever closer. Britney finally fell to the ground in defeat, but was shocked out of her wits when her juicy rounded bikini-clad rump landed on something cool and soft.

"Wha--" she said and a huge clump of coils began circling her body. Britney looked on in terror as she came face to face with the smiling yellow-eyed head of a giant python.

"Excussssssse me dear," the snake hissed, "but might I be of some assisstance?"

Okay, now I know I dreaming!, Britney thought to herself.

Her body was so weak and exhausted, and the coils were so tight and constricting that she was practically a limp noodle in the snakes grasp. She just looked on at the snake incredulously with her eyes half shut. The coils encircled the bare skin of her torso. Britney moaned in the soothing cool of the python's scales. She felt the coils rub over the thin snakeskin bra she'd been dressed in, the friction making her nipples tingle and grow to hard nubs at the contact. Britney groaned and stirred in her confines a bit from the stimulation. She felt a primal fight or flight instinct to escape, but she was too weak to fight against the strength of the python's tail as it completely covered her body, with only her loose arms and legs dangling out either end.

"Are you lossssst little one?" the python asked, brushing his tail gently through her thick stringy hair. "No animal or mancub would ssssssset foot in my jungle willingly."

Britney was having serious doubts about the dream. The pain and pleasure she felt over her body seemed to real, and even in her tired state she was completely aware of her surroundings. She couldn't fathom a talking snake.

With the pop star pinned and helpless, the snake's intrusive tail tip rubbing rough circles over the snakeskin panties of her bikini. Britney gasped. Her body writhed and tensed as the python continued its vigorous rubbing. She grew wet and horny on contact, her body betraying her with every touch of the tail.

"Ughhhhhhh, wha-what are you?" Britney asked breathlessly.

"The name'sssss Kaa," the python said. "And you're the sssssstrangessst mancub I've ever ssssset my ssssssightsss on."

The pervasive snake hisses bored through Britney's mind. Her thoughts evaporated into a tranquil mist, and a strange feeling of calm pervaded her being. She felt like she could trust Kaa; trust in this predatory snake despite it having her just where he'd want her for a quick snack. The building feelings of ecstasy as the snake tail roamed across her pussy and thighs were almost too much to bear. In this confused state she was totally unprepared when Kaa began emitting a concussion of colored spirals out of his sinister yellow snake eyes.

"Let me look at you," Kaa said moving his head ever closer towards her.

Britney's eyes were bursting with spirals, and she had the look of utter jaw-dropping surprise spread across her face. The constant wretched rubbing and the pleasure drugging spirals had driven her nearly out of her mind. She couldn't think of escaping, or where she was, or even who she was anymore. Nothing but the spirals mattered. Britney's eyes widened, drinking in every beautiful glowing color. She dared not to blink. Mindlessly she cried out, the tail masturbating her almost to her breaking point. Kaa loosened his coils around her midsection and looped them around her hands and feet, watching in amusement as the teen star bucked her body and thrust forward, suspended in midair. Kaa chuckled to see her in lust like an animal, taken over by her burning inner passions. In one uncontrollable orgasmic burst, Britney screamed bloody murder and cummed in her panties. With her body spent and her mind lost and empty, Britney passed out cold with her head slumping forward.

With Britney limp and incapacitated, Kaa looked over this supposed mancub with great interest. He set her down on the top of a fallen rotten log, her laying down with her arms and legs dangling down the sides. He unbound himself completely from the sleeping pop star, gazing intensely at her strange round mounds protected by an extra skin made of scales. Kaa took his tail tip and snapped the two thin bra straps around her shoulders, exposing her soft round mounds for Kaa to ogle and fondle. His thin tail tip slid around them, squeezed them like ripe fruit and grazed Britney's cherry red tits. The pop star moaned and murmured in her sleep, babbling for some mysterious mancub named 'Timberlake'. When Kaa tired of that, he turned his attention to the covered triangle of her panty area. It also had the second skin over it, perhaps for protection. Of what Kaa wasn't sure, but quickly he snapped it off with his tail and saw what charms lay under it.

"Sssssstrange," Kaa said, expecting a thick long shaft like the mancub Mowgli had. In its place there was nothing but a well-groomed triangular patch of hair. It was wet with the juices of her passion, and Kaa couldn't resist lapping up a bit with his forked tongue in curiosity.

"Not quite the sssssssalty treasure of a mancub, but it shall ssssssuficcce," the snake mused.

Kaa had a sneaking suspicion that he'd encountered the female of the species, his first girlcub. At first he considered Britney as nothing but a snake, but a jewel so rare that had fallen from the heavens was no mere snack. The girlcub's features were softer, curvier, and more intriguing than Mowgli's hard sinewy muscles. Kaa took her body into his thick trunk of coils once again, taking her and himself up into a high tree branch for the night where'd they'd both be safe from the fearsome Khan. So with the girlcub snug and tight, Kaa let sleep overtake him and drifted off.

The next morning, Kaa's spirals had weakened in Britney's eyes and she was coming back to her senses. Kaa's coils had slackened over the night, and sagged limply around Britney's lap as she sat Indian style on the tree branch. She rubbed her eyes groggily and looked in shock as she realized she was completely exposed and uncovered. And even worse, she was mere feet away from Kaa's giant head and sizable jaws. She had no memory of how she'd ended up in the jungle but now she was occupied at getting the heavy coils off of her legs. Britney hopelessly groped at Kaa's huge coils, rousing him awake and irritated at the prodding young plaything.

"Just what isssss the meaning of thisss?" Kaa asked sternly.

"Yikes, a talking snake!" Britney shrieked. "Please don't eat me!"

Kaa tightened his coils around her waist and condescendingly patted her head.

"Why dear, I'd do nothing of the sssssssort," Kaa said. "I'd never eat a girlcub as charming asssss you."

Britney put her hands over her breasts defensively, spurned on by what was a tired pick-up line in the mancub world.

"Okay Mr. Snake, I want to know how you can talk, why I'm buck naked, and how I ended up in this tree!"

Kaa was taken aback by the girlcub's rudeness. After sparing her from being a meal and keeping her safe in his coils, the foolish young thing was sounding downright ungrateful. Kaa pulsed hypnotic spirals out of his eyes to trance her quiet but was further shocked when she turned her head and shut her eyes.

"Oh, no you don't!" Britney said with her face all scrunched. "I've been slipped enough mickeys and woke up in enough strange hotel rooms to know when a guy's taking advantage of me. You're just like that snake from that old Disney cartoon!"

Kaa narrowed his eyes and tried to ponder the meaning of the word 'cartoon'. There were so many mysteries with this girlcub that it seemed in his best interest to hold back on using his powers yet.

"What, my dear, isssss a cartoon?"

Britney, taking a foolish chance, turned her head back to the imposing snake and tried to explain herself. Her arms were down to hear sides casually, affording Kaa a clear view of her intriguing mounds and the red tips at their centers.

"Well, Mr. Snake---"

"Kaa," the snake interrupted.

Britney cracked a smile at the name, thinking how silly it seemed that this huge python talked and looked like the snake right out of the jungle book movie.

"Well Kaa, cartoons are just silly little things to entertain kids with. And you're the spitting image of that fruity old snake that was giving Mowgli a hard time in that Jungle Book cartoon. It's unreal."

Kaa eyes bulged when she mentioned Mowgli. Perhaps he'd stumbled back to the man-village after all and told the tale of Kaa? Or maybe she's a sorceress with powers unimaginable to him. Despite his pangs of hunger, Kaa decided once and for all not to eat her.

"Can you perhaps lead me to thesssse 'cartoons' girlcub. I want to see your powerssss with my own eyessss."

Britney looked confused.

"Powers? What powers?" Britney asked with her southern accent slipping though. "I'm not a dang witch. I'm just a pop singer."

Kaa stuck his head in her face and pressed it up against her cheek uncomfortably. Britney pushed it away in a huff, now a little too willful and disrespectful for Kaa's taste.

"I know you have your doubts about trussssting me girlcub, but you can beliiieve in me."

Kaa quickly pinned her body back in his coils and hypnotized her once more, Britney catching sight of the spirals and letting out a peaceful sigh. In a split second she was back under his trance, smiling blank and dumbly. Childishly, he began to sing his trademark song.

"Trusssssst in meeeee, just in meeeeeee..."

Meanwhile nearby, a slick Hollywood agent who'd just so happened to be in the area was yammering on into his cell-phone obliviously.

"Sandy, what I'm saying is this cutesy-poo virginal 'not a girl, not yet a woman' shit is played out," the agent said. "What we need is an extreme in-your-face alternative freak show angle. This is the '90s dammit! I'm thinking of socially conscious jailbait, down with nature, earth mother, 'hear me roar', all that crap."

As it just so happened, in a tree branch right above him, the slimy Hollywood agent saw Britney walk across the treetops with Kaa the snake, singing 'I'm a slaaaaave for youuuu' in a deep throaty voice.

"Sandy, I'll call ya back," the agent said as he saw the naked girlcub mindlessly slide down Kaa's coils. "I think I found my angle, and best of all, she's on Big Lou's payroll."

So ends the story of how Britney shed off her squeaky-clean Disney image, and how Kaa rose to fame as an a-list snake star in Hollyweird. I'll leave the rest to the gossip rags.
A Kaa/Britney Spears fanfic set at the height of her fame. The naive pop star's plane crashes in a deep forbidding jungle, but luckily she finds herself in the coils of an all-too familiar hypnosnake...
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kaalys Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
can you make another story of this
SepentineDream Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
hmmm, this was kind of a one-off story I did a LOOOONG time ago, but if you have any thoughts on how to continue it feel free to let me know. :)
kaalys Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
maybe sex and maybe selena gomez in it
SepentineDream Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
sounds like a winning combination! I'll have to let that one stew in my head.
kaalys Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
good idea and maybe you should put 100% sex in it and lots of hypnosis and coils and kaa
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